Saturday, May 20, 2017

Product Love | #Batiste Dry Shampoo

Get rid of oil and gain volume at the same time? Yes please! I wanted to share a time saving tip when it comes to styling hair. Dry Shampoos have gotten quite the shine in the last few years. The challenge is trying to figure out the one that works and doesn't cost a fortune.

I've tried many different Dry Shampoos over the years and I am currently loving the: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Impression/Thoughts:

  • Medium Weight Spray
  • Smells incredible
  • Great for absorbing excess oil from roots
  • Adds volume
  • Price: $8.99 - $10.00 (200ml)

I loved the volume it created after spraying and working it into my roots. The smell is incredible. Great to add to your gym bag or weekend/beach bag. If you ever struggled with "Gym Hair" this product will help by absorbing excess oil, while keeping your hair looking fresh between shampoos.

Important TIP:
Now, here is the thing, if you are not familiar with how to use Dry Shampoos, be sure NOT to spray it all over your hair, it is NOT hairspray. Here is how I use it:

  1. Lift small sections from your root and spray lightly
  2. Spray 1 section at a time, focusing the spray towards the roots 
  3. Wait about a 1 min, lightly work the spray into the roots. 
  4. Brush out and you will see the fullness and volume

I will be checking out the other Batiste products for the summer! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Product Love | Tarte Cosmetics #TarteistProPalette

If there was ever a makeup product that got rave reviews on Social Media, I pretty much went to the store and would buy it without question. Now, I take a bit more time to research, which I think is super important to do before spending any money.

If possible, take the time to see, swatch and play with a product prior to purchase. (This should be the case at most major retailers). I am happy to say that I compared 2 very gorgeous eyeshadow palettes that were launched around the same time. The winner for me was this baby right here: The Tarte Cosmetics #Tarteist Pro Palette!

Why I Love It:

  • A mix of Matte and Shimmery finishes
  • Loved the warmer and red toned shades 
  • 20 Shades (16 Matte + 4 Shimmers)
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Travel friendly

My only concern was that the matte shadows would be a bit too powdery or ashy during application, but using the right brushes truly makes a difference and I had no problems!

Here are a few Makeup looks that I have done so far using this palette! FYI - I have been choosing this as my go-to Eyeshadow palette pretty much everyday!

One of my fave purchases so far! The price is $68 CDN, so it's on the higher price point side, but if you were to break it down to a per shadow cost, it works out to: $3.40 (Not to bad) :)

One of my fave things about this palette is the colour blocked effect for ideas on which shadows to wear together and the versatility to create literally a million eyeshadow combos!

I picked up mine from Sephora and got myself a few cute Makeup samples, which has worked out well, because I have found thee best Waterproof Black eye pencil! I will also share 4 Makeup looks using the colour row options! Stay tuned :)

Happy Shopping!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Beauty Look | Day to Night #MakeupLook featuring a Red Lip :)

Do you ever do your makeup and then think about changing it up? Maybe you feel you want to be a bit more dramatic or bolder? I totally get it, I go through this alot! Mostly for glam or special event makeup that I do from time to time.

Sometimes the look you envisioned was fine, but you want to take it a step bolder. That's why I'm sharing how I changed my makeup look by altering one thing.

My last post featured a neutral lip with a glam eye makeup. So I altered the lipstick and it made the look pop! This is also a great example of how you can change your look from Day to Night!

The Makeup details are in the previous post (Click Here). The two products I used to change the lips are listed below:
  1. NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Shade Monte Carlo
  2. Christian Dior Lip Liner Pencil in Shade in Rouge Dior

Try your own makeup swap whether it be adding a winged look to your liner or adding false lashes or in this case changing the lipstick!

Happy Lips!